Chantal Skamlova

Chantal Skamlova was born in September 1993 in Banska Bystrica and as of today is one of the current best 10 players of her country. She plays with very good results in both singles and doubles and both ranks are close to her career’s best. Skamlova is playing in great fashion and captuting many ITF titles, mostly in doubles she is a fearsome player. Skamlova has already won 11 international titles in singles and even 30 international titles in doubles.

Chantal Skamlova 010
Chantal Škamlová

It is indeed the doubles the discipline where Skamlova showed the best of her talent, since her junior career. In 2010, she has been able to achieve the doubles Grand Slam title in Australian Open junior and furthermore she has conquered the silver medal in Summer Youth Olympic Games in Singapore.

At junior level, many and brilliant are the achievements Skamlova got in European stage, one of the most competitive stages in tennis world, mostly at junior level. The Slovak won twice European Championships‘ title in doubles, in 2009 in under-16 competition and in 2010 in under-18 competition, and in European Championships she has been awarded with bronze medal also in singles in under-18 competition in 2010. At national level, she has been national Slovak champion in both singles and doubles, in both under-16 and under-18 levels.

Skamlova’s tennis life started when she was 7, in a Banska Bystrica tennis club, where her talent and her skills was soon noticed by one of the most important Slovak Youth Tennis Center, in Piestany. There, she trained for 2 years, before a call by the National Tennis Center of Slovakia, the most prominent facility reserved to best Slovak players and brightest youngsters. National Tennis Center had a key role in Skamlova’s improvement: Chantal took advantage of this chance at its best and in very little time she won several important trophies. When 18, Skamlova was alredy into top 600 in WTA singles rankings, a remarkable goal for a such young tennis player.

Skamlova had then to cope with a very unfortunate and serious injury to her back when she was on top of her career. The injury forced her to stay out of competitions for a whole year and because of that she lost her rankings, the chance to train in the National Tennis Center and the related and granted financial support. Despite the struggling times, Skamlova coped as well as possible with those problems and showed once again to be ready for new and remarkable results, starting from 2016 and also during this current and brilliant season, where she is showing once again how much a fighter she is and how strong her passion and her willpower are.