Being a professional tennis player does not mean only playing on the most important courts and trying to be a better player than your opponents. To be a good professional tennis player you need tough trainings, successful attitude and efficient technique, but this is still not enough to become a Star. You need also a precise and aimed-to-success team work, and in this team the support of the sponsors is crucial in the turbulent path to professionalism. Tennis Stars Management wants the best for its tennis players and it is looking for you, the best sponsors, to create a strong a fruitful bond that could benefit all individuals in a winning team.

We offer you a co-operation with our best tennis players in professional ways. Our goal is to create a partnership between our tennis players and your company, supporting and respecting your marketing goals, and offering you following sponsorship proposals.


General sponsorships are a year-long partnership. It is the most valuable among the partnerships we offer and it amounts to a financial support in exchange for a full range of benefits, mostly focused in full visibility for the sponsors in all players’ activities: presentation in official player’s website and in all official social media profiles; advertisement, through mentions in official statements or logos on promotional materials, outfits, technical material. The sponsoring company will receive all round promotion and will have the chance, for example, to physically join the sponsored players in tournaments, exhibitions and event.


This partnership does not require a recurring financial support and it is not bound by a specific duration. It guarantees to sponsoring company the same kind of benefits the ‘General sponsorship’ does, but to a limited and smaller extent.


This partnership allows sponsored tennis player to receive goods and services rather than financial support. For a tennis player, technical goods as balls, tennis racquets, strings, outfits, tennis shoes and any other needed sports materials have a key role, not only during official matches and exhibitions but also for training, both during the off-season and events. With this type of sponsorship, sponsors can also promotes and support sporting events and exhibitions, through the partial or full supply of technical goods or medical equipment, transportation and lodging.

If interested and for any more specifics or further information, please contact us via e-mail at info@tennis-stars-management.@com or to our mobile phone number +421 950 333 000.